It all started when…

The King’s Community Foundation was established in 2010 through the vision of several members of a local church in Aberdeen called King’s Community Church. Their desire was to make a difference to communities both in Aberdeen and across the world realising that when people thrive, the communities they live in thrive. 

The original vision remains the same, to serve and enhance the living experience of people in communities, though over the past several years the outworking of this original vision has evolved.

 “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples”                    Mother Teresa                                                                                                

We realise that the solution is not in our hands only but working in partnership with others we want to help people make a meaningful contribution to society, create communities where people thrive, reduce barriers so potential can be reached and give training opportunities so that as people thrive their communities thrive too.

Our work has led us to Montenegro where, sponsored by a local Aberdeen business, we brought an impoverished community together to provide hope for their future. Today our work mainly focuses on the city of Aberdeen, to find more out about our current projects click here.