Our Mission

The King’s Community Foundation was founded in 2010 through the vision of several members of King’s Community Church, with a desire to make a difference to communities both in Aberdeen and across the world. We realise that when people thrive, the communities they live in thrive. We understand that the solution is not in our hands alone, but by working in partnership with others. By creating communities where people thrive, reducing barriers and providing training opportunities we can help people make a meaningful contribution to society.

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Our Values


Reaching out and engaging with the community at all times, seeking to work in partnership with others. We are part of the solution.


Operating with transparency and honesty in everything we do. We can be trusted.


Constantly being ‘others’ focused, looking to serve individuals and communities at the core of our existence. We are here for you.


Being answerable and responsive to those we are serving and working with. We are effective. 


Current Projects

Aberdeen North Foodbank

Our foodbank is part of The Trussell Trust’s network of 428 foodbanks, working to tackle food poverty and hunger in our local communities, as well as across the UK. The Foodbank Network was founded in 2004 after four years of developing the original foodbank based in Salisbury. Since then The Trussell Trust has helped communities work together to launch foodbanks nationwide in a wide range of towns and cities, Aberdeen being one of them. We work in the north of Aberdeen city to provide for families and individuals who are facing food poverty in the city. Aberdeen North Foodbank has five centres, with one being open each day of the week.

Between 31st of March 2018 to the 1st of April 2019 The Trussell Trust’s Foodbank Network provided 1.6 million food parcels to people in crisis. This is a 19% increase on the previous, with more than half of these going to children. As a network, we want to see more people helped out of crisis and fewer people needing foodbanks in the future. That’s why The Trussell Trust and local foodbanks are working together to develop new ways to help people out of crisis through programmes like more than food.

Foundation Centre

Over the past years, King’s Community Foundation has worked alongside King’s Community Church to provide services in the community of Torry. Torry is a vibrant and diverse community of around 10,500 people on the south side of Aberdeen city. Nonetheless it is also one where multiple factors of social deprivation are present. Volunteers from King’s Community Church have been engaged in the area for over five years, running a kids club for around 30 children on Tuesday nights, providing an adult group every Wednesday night and enabling Friday night attendance of around 20-25 young people at King’s Community Church Youth Club.

Given the work being done in the community, Aberdeen City Council began working alongside King’s Community Foundation in 2016 to refurbish an unused community centre which has lain derelict for over 10 years. In taking ownership of this building, King’s Community Foundation plan to renovate the centre to provide a space for local residents to access services, resources and develop skills which will enhance their lives. Our hope is that  renovating the derelict building will regenerate the area, restore a sense of pride in the community and improve perception of the area.

Water For The World

Globally, King’s Community Foundation have partnered Water for the World is a Christian non-profit organisation dedicated to assisting undeserved communities’ access clean water. Operations began in 2007 , and over that period more than 100 water systems in some of the most remote areas of Kenya. In 2018 we worked with Water for the World to provide clean drinking water to Swari, in Northern Kenya. In 2019 a team will be returning to Kenya to provide clean drinking water for a community and school in Isiolo, Kenya.


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As a local charity, our biggest challenge is acquiring the resources we need to make our projects. This can be financially, but mostly it is through the provision of materials, equipment or expertise. By working with local businesses and companies we have been able to acquire resources at a charity friendly rate and in the case of equipment avoid it ending up in landfill. If you are A local organisation that could support us in this way, please click on the link below and get in contact.


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