Our Vision.

Connecting people and creating opportunities to fulfil their potential.


Our Values.

Community: reaching out and engaging with the community at all times, seeking to work in partnership with others. We are part of the solution.

Integrity: operating with transparency and honesty in everything we do. We can be trusted.

Generosity: constantly being ‘others’ focused, looking to serve individuals and communities at the core of our existence. We are here for you.

Accountability: being answerable and responsive to those we are serving and working with. We are effective. 


Our Mission.

King’s Community Foundation exists to serve and enhance the living experience of people in communities. We achieve this by connecting people and giving opportunities to fulfil their potential in four key areas:

Community Inclusion: We aim to provide opportunities for communities to work together to foster respect and acceptance. Our dream is to help people make a meaningful contribution to society.

Community Regeneration: We aim to bring regenerative change to communities by; enhancing physical environments; improving emotional and psychological well-being; and bringing people within communities together. Our dream is to help create communities where people thrive.

Community Provision: We aim to provide resources to enhance people’s daily living experience. Our dream is to help people reach their potential by reducing their barriers.

Community Education: We aim to champion the provision of relevant life-long education by organising opportunities and providing venues for training. Our dream is to help people by giving opportunities for high quality training