Foundation Centre

Over the past years, King’s Community Foundation has worked alongside King’s Community Church to provide services in the community of Torry. Torry is a vibrant and diverse community of around 10,500 people on the south side of Aberdeen city. Nonetheless it is also one where multiple factors of social deprivation are present. Volunteers from King’s Community Church have been engaged in the area for over five years, running a kids club for around 30 children on Tuesday nights, providing an adult group every Wednesday night and enabling Friday night attendance of around 20-25 young people at King’s Community Church Youth Club.

Given the work being done in the community, Aberdeen City Council began working alongside King’s Community Foundation in 2016 to refurbish an unused community centre which has lain derelict for over 10 years. In taking ownership of this building, King’s Community Foundation plan to renovate the centre to provide a space for local residents to access services, resources and develop skills which will enhance their lives. Our hope is that  renovating the derelict building will regenerate the area, restore a sense of pride in the community and improve perception of the area.



Back in November 2018 a group of volunteers gathered at the Foundation Centre. This was a great step in transforming the building int a vibrant community space where all members of the community are welcome, feel safe and have access to opportunities to fulfil their potential. Please watch this video to see what we got up to. Also we will updating this page regularly, so that we can keep you up to date on the project.