Cultures of Confidence 2030

The first 2020Plus Civic and Business Leaders Event in Aberdeen, held in April 2018, brought together senior leaders across all sectors of society who were interested in shaping the future for the common good. In 2019, Mal Fletcher chairman of the London-based innovation forum 2020Plus will be returning to Aberdeen to speak on the theme of Cultures of Confidence 2030.  The morning will begin with a keynote address delivered by, social futurist Mal Fletcher. Mal works closely with strategic civic and business leaders, across the UK and Europe, encouraging them to build innovative, breakthrough cultures where inventiveness and courage are the norm. This will be followed by an extended interview and Q&A time with special contributors Councillor Jenny Laing, joint leader of the city council and Russell Borthwick Chief Executive of Aberdeen and Grampian Chamber of Commerce.

About Mal Fletcher

Mal Fletcher is recognised as a leading speaker, writer and media commentator on the intersection between technology, leadership innovation, generational change and ethics. As chairman of the London-based innovation forum 2020Plus, Mal has hosted numerous international leadership forums, including summits within the German Parliament and the British House of Commons. As a social commentator and futurist, he features extensively on BBC TV and radio, and has appeared on Sky, CNBC, ABC, Canal Superior and other platforms. He is also the author of eight books, which are available in up to five languages. For more information visit 2020Plus.net


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