2020Plus project.

In April 2018 the King's Community Foundation began a partnership with 2020Plus, a London based think tank on social change and leadership innovation. It began with a Civic and Business Leadership Event that helped civic leaders in business, government, education, the third sector and more to identify both challenges to future growth and opportunities for engagement with the next generation. 

2020PLUS Civic & Business Leadership Event 

The first 2020Plus event in Aberdeen saw leaders from across the civic arena including politics, education and business come together and explore the future of Aberdeen focusing Innovation Hubs 2025 and Innovation, Millennials and Generation Edge. 

Keynote speaker at the event was Mal Fletcher, an internationally recognised Social Futurist, Leadership Speaker, Author and Media Commentator. He is in constant demand for his expert social comment with media groups like the BBC and conducts leadership sessions worldwide. Mal’s special area of expertise is in tracking social shifts and how they will impact on the future shape of businesses and communities. He wraps extensive research in a high-impact, informative speaking style that really engages an audience.

About Mal Fletcher

Mal Fletcher is recognised as a leading speaker, writer and media commentator on the intersection between technology, leadership innovation, generational change and ethics.

As chairman of the London-based innovation forum 2020Plus, Mal has hosted numerous international leadership forums, including summits within the German Parliament and the British House of Commons. As a social commentator and futurist, he features extensively on BBC TV and radio, and has appeared on Sky, CNBC, ABC, Canal Superior and other platforms. He is also the author of eight books, which are available in up to five languages. For more information visit 2020Plus.net


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Our partnership with 2020Plus will be continuing as we seek to serve and enhance the living experience of people in Aberdeen. To hear about future 2020Plus events please complete the form below. 

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